Caramel Kiss (きゃらめるキッス)
karangan : 八神千歳 ( yagami chitose)
Genre: Fantasy Romance Shoujo

volume : 4

Meru has always dreamed of getting married, just like many other witches like her. She’s to marry the werewolf, Riku, the upcoming night, but on their wedding day, their wedding is crashed by a hungry bystander, Rurupon! Rurupon runs off with Meru’s veil, and she chases after him, only to walk into the middle of a curse Rurupon’s master is causing! Meru is now a little girl, and with no way to change back, she can’t get married! How will she ever return to her regular form and proceed with her wedding?

Boku no Platinum Lady (ボクのプラチナレディー)
karangan :八神千歳 ( yagami chitose)
genre : Comedy Romance School Life Shoujo

volume : 3

The super-expensive Joka Gakuen has a policy where the valedictorian, platinum student (PS), is exempt from school fees. Ai supports her large family in place of her parents, so she has little money. She takes Joka Gakuen’s entrance exam because she wants to become the PS. Her dream comes true when she gets the top mark, but…

Ikenai Navigation (いけない・ナビゲーション)
karangan:八神千歳 ( yagami chitose)
genre:Comedy Fantasy Romance Shoujo

Mochizuki Mai always dreamed of a perfect boyfriend, but finds difficulty because of her ‘unrealistic’ requirements. She just can’t seem to find anyone on Earth who’s perfect! But what happens when someone out of the world shows up? Someone from her cell phone to be exact! And what happens when this boy says “I like you!” ? And what happens when Mai starts falling for him?!

Kiss Kiss (キス ・キス)
karangan : 八神千歳 ( yagami chitose)
genre: Romance Shoujo

volume : 3

Nao, a first year in Middle School, decided to enter Seisei School in order to follow the person she fell in love with at first sight! Upon arrival, she discovered that her beloved, Wada Yoshikuni, is part of K.I.S.S….but what is K.I.S.S?

Kiss Shite! Esper Girl (K I S Sして・超能力少女)
karangan :八神千歳 ( yagami chitose)
genre:Comedy Romance Shoujo

no coment

Kurumi-tic Miracle (くるみちっく ・ミラクル)
karangan :八神千歳 ( yagami chitose)
genre:Adventure Fantasy Shoujo Supernatural


It’s about a girl whose grandfather owns a small antique shop. One day, she and her hamster discover a magical bracelet that gives her super-magical powers. But she soon discovers that owning the bracelet is not just about making the broom clean the shop by itself, when the boy she likes is suddenly after her and the bracelet!

Love Pani (ラブぱに)
karangan:八神千歳 ( yagami chitose)
genre:Drama Romance Shoujo


Moe has been attending a girl’s school her whole life. She finally met a boyfriend that treats her very nicely — Hidenori. He is currently the most popular model and always catches his fans’ attention whereever he goes. However, Hidenori is oblivious to the attention he’s catching…
All this time, Konishi Moe has been going to all girls’ schools, but finally, she’s found a wonderful boyfriend. Her boyfriend, Hidenori-kun, is currently an active model who’s very popular and stands out wherever he goes. However, he doesn’t care about that at all, and he keeps on chasing after Moe, making it hard for her to keep her heart from racing…

Manga Mitaina Koi Shitai! (まんがみたいな恋したいっ!)
karangan:八神千歳 ( yagami chitose)
genree:Comedy Romance Shoujo

Rena Sakura is a high school student with a secret: she’s a professional mangaka. And although she’s never been on a date, that doesn’t stop her from drawing steamy shojo scenes for Cha mi magazine. But when the gorgeous Tomoya Okita finds out her secret, she finds herself asking him out to get some real-life experience in love!

Onigawara Yokochou Sanchoume (おにがわら横町三丁目)
karangan : 八神千歳 ( yagami chitose)
genre : Shoujo

no coment

Tonari no Hijiri-kun (となりの聖くん)
karangan :八神千歳 ( yagami chitose)
genree:Romance School Life Shoujo


A collection of 4 cute school life romance stories about first loves:

• Tonari no Hijiri-kun –
This is a tale about a girl named Megumi, and two brothers who are as different as night and day. Add a bit of tennis and there you go.

• Dakishi Metai!! –
Mirai’s family had a tragic accident and so since he was young he went to live with an older girl, Hanoka. After years of being raised together, will Hanoka give him his own space?

• Help! –
A continuation of story 2. Things are still awkward between Hanoka and Mirai. Are they siblings? Are they a couple? And what happens when another girl takes an interest in Mirai?

• Sensei no Himitsu –
Top student Kyouko is given the task of tutoring Jin, a stubborn and lazy boy. The first thing Jin tells her is to just take the money and go home. But when Kyouko persists Jin makes an offer: if he scores in the top thirty Kyouko must never see him again!

Zoku Manga Mitaina Koi Shitai! (続まんがみたいな恋したいっ!)
karangan:八神千歳 ( yagami chitose)
genree:Comedy Romance Shoujo

The lovey-dovey love story between junior high school student/shoujo mangaka Sakura Rena and super cool Okita-kun is finally complete!! Going on a trip with just Okita-kun, having a stubborn love rival (?) suddenly appear, Renacchi is in big trouble!!

Note: Sequel to Manga Mitaina Koi Shitai, although published under a different name. VIZ Media just released it as a second volume.



  1. nisa qyudh,,,, berkata:

    blog lo bagus kok,,,tapi ntar kalo w bikin blog w bakal lebih bagus dari lo,,,hhehehe

  2. wew…
    yagami keren bangetzz !!!!!!!!!!

  3. 2minew berkata:

    kamsahamnida… atas pujiannya..

    duh jadi malu nie… >_<

    yagami chitose emank paling berbakat…

  4. nty berkata:

    waAh yagami chitose mah w banget lah..


  5. mrs. minho berkata:

    keren bok

  6. Agnes. Grasiela berkata:

    Emank .. Yagami keren bgd .. Tp gw pgen nyri komik2 ny niy .. Susah bgt . Nyri dman dnk ..

  7. kimikasay it hoew berkata:

    dmana bliinya??? aq jgaa ngefanss

  8. Leimana berkata:

    emmm.. maw tanya dun.. ^^ itu komik yang caramel kiss itu beneran sampe nomor 4 yah??? koq aku beli 3 jilid doang ya? =.= dibilangnya udah tamat di jilid ke 3.. hmm.. yang bener yang mana yak?? hihi.. bagi2 info dunk bli komik yagami sensei dimana yaaa?? tq2… ^^

  9. sabika amalina berkata:

    i love you yagami!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ErLinda berkata:

    i Luph Yagamiii…
    yagami mank krenn
    Ceritanya so sweet…
    CarameL kiss mank dijuaL ada 3 ktnya t uda tmat tapi di bLognya mpe 4..
    Sbnrnya ada brapa c??

  11. Fenny Putri berkata:

    sensei,komiknya baguuuuuuuuusssssssss……..
    q kagum……..
    sensei,buat komik yg lebih banyak lg ya!!!!!
    q tunggu lo!!!!!

  12. Ovilia berkata:

    ya emang komik” buatan yagami chitose emang bagus bagus >_<, keren abizzz ceritanya

  13. Fio berkata:

    I like Yagami_C………..! (^_^)

  14. victoria berkata:

    mang bgs sich ni komik.. Tp ad bbrp adegan di kmk yagami yg agak ga enak dilihat. Jd ngerasa ill feel neh. Prsaan sng wktu ngebcny jd berkrg dech(!.!) Tp dikit sih.. Scra keseluruhan kmknya mmg keren! trutama gmbrny.. g sk takumu yg di kiss kiss. Bnr2 guardian knight sejati.. Hehe.. Jd pingin bc komik yagami ya laen…

  15. sinta berkata:


    iya emang bner komikx yagami is the best………

  16. sinta berkata:

    YAGAMI…………..IS THE BEST……..

  17. Amalia Sholihah berkata:

    wew… komik karangan Yagami Chitose seru n keren keren…
    apalagi gambarnya…

  18. sis_cha berkata:

    wah…. komik-komik karya dirimu bagus sekali….
    apa lg kalo gambar cwo…. manis2 banged…. qu seneng bgd ma gambar takumu…. ganteng bangen… love u full dech…

  19. echa berkata:

    waaaah aku suka bgt nih komik2nya yagami chitose 😀
    boleh tau, komi2 karangannya yg udah terbit di indo apa aja ya?

  20. yuu berkata:

    @Leimana @ErLinda
    emank disini dijualnya cman sampe yg ketiga doank tpi cba liat deh bgian terakhir volume ke 3 ngegantung bgt kan?? nahh makanya aku ykin sebner nya ada lebih dri 3 tpi ga tau knape disini cman ada 3.

    aku juga cman sampe yg ketiga. ^^

    hmm setau ku sih yg udah terbit
    + my platinum laddy
    + hijiri
    + mangaka’s love
    + fall in love like a comic
    + kiss kiss
    + caramel kiss
    + kurumitic miracle

  21. bella muts berkata:

    duh…… kerens babget tau komikny dah gitu ad kissny

  22. zahira berkata:

    ak itu liat d komen, kayaknya pada suka takumu, ak sh sukanya wadacchi

  23. Ajenk berkata:

    Wuih,.. Da yg laen eaa??
    Q jga pnggemarx yagami chitose..
    cma komikx cih, cma pnya kiss kiss sma my platinum lady..

    Bguus cmua… 😀
    Hijiri mce ada gha eaa??

  24. mutia berkata:

    kok di online ga ada sih komiknyaa ?

  25. Xie Lin berkata:

    sayang banget komiknya Yagami Chitose jarang ada di indonesia -.-
    di manga online keak mangafox/onemanga aja adanya dikit.
    btw ada komikny Yagami Chitose yg baru,”red devil of onigawara yokocho” [di indonesia ada :D)

  26. Astri berkata:

    dimana bisa dapetin komiknya?
    disini bisa di download ga?

  27. Mei berkata:

    gue juga suka bgt sama komik2 yagami chitose, abis ceritanya keren2, gambarnya bagus2, komik pertama gue aja komik yg mangaka’s love, tu komik udh jadul bgt tp sampe skrg tetep selalu dibaca,udh lebih 50kali kyk ny gue bacanya, abis ceritanya TOP bgt hhahaa, thx info nya ya, besok mau cari komik2nya lg deh wwkwkkwkw

  28. angelz_shy berkata:

    di mana ya sits baca kmik yagami chitose? gak ketemu2 aku. .D=

  29. chizuru berkata:

    Yagami Chitose sensei komiknya keren lah! ga storynya ga gambarnya keren semua 😀

    aku juga baca caramel kiss sampe 3 doang yg ada di indonesia ya.. kiss shite esper girl komik lama tp kayanya ga ada yg jual -____-

    semoga love panic bisa diterbitin disini 🙂

  30. phanez berkata:

    good comic. all about romance. 🙂
    i’m waiting for my kingdom vol.3

  31. Nita Dini berkata:

    yagami i love you!!!

  32. rani berkata:

    ih.. keren bgt komiknya….

  33. Gaby berkata:

    mnta link’a donk, iiank buad baca online.

  34. Meidy_san berkata:

    Wa.. bagus infonya…~

    Tolong, bisa gak tampilin info Manga-manga yang dibuat sama Peach-pit sensei.. 🙂
    Thanks, before…

  35. WeiSan berkata:

    caramel kiss sampe 4 ya ??
    aq cuma ampe 3..
    yg 4 ada yg jual ga ?

  36. ellen berkata:

    kalau mau beli komik karya yagami chitose yang lengkap dimana ya ?? ada yang tahu??

  37. Minos Hyundhevie berkata:

    hemb…….yagami chitose my fav” komik…………….. bikin karakter takumu lagi yah………. 🙂

  38. sijuka kiru berkata:

    please yagami chitose my kingdom 6 nya terbitkan ke indonesia

  39. Kida berkata:

    Caramel kiss kaga punya T___T

    dicari udh gk adalagi ya? Itu komik lama kam?

  40. R-sya Al Rusy berkata:

    ada yang dah baca my kingdom 6 eng version tah?
    mau dnk… kasih tau sinopsisnya ya?
    kira-kira sampe berapa volume ?

  41. nightz berkata:

    Yang komik ini Onigawara Yokochou Sanchoume ada volume 2 iiah?? Kok pas aku baca ditulis bersambung.. Tapi volume 2nya gak ada?? Ada yang taw gak volume 2 nyari dimana?? Biarpun komik lama tapi tetap kerenn

  42. ika berkata:

    KISS KISS, Fall in Love Like a Comic, My Platinum lady. faved. ;3

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